[Review Book] Instant Building Multi-Page Forms with Yii How-to

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For the third time pactk give me an apprecation to review their book. Now they ask me to try review book “Instant Building Multi-Page Form With Yii How To” from Udah Sawant. First, this book not a general Yii book that learn about all of Yii from installation until implementation. This book focuss to teach you about “how to make a multi page form in Yii Framework?”. What that mean about “multi page form”? Multi page form is a mechanism make a form (usually to insert/update data) that have some step. For example want insert my profile, in step 1 we insert name and address, step 2 upload my foto, step 3 upload my CV.

This book have 51 page and its good for you both beginners or not because this book will teach you from the basic of Yii Framework. Uday Sawant have been make the session group from the beginners, intermediate till advance. This is what will you learn :

– start with yii Fraemework and do some setting

– make a generate code CRUD operation (you will learn some concept about model, view and controller)

– create multipage  forms. So from the generate code CRUD operation, you will explode it become some form.

– Validate, you will learn to ensure your form run good when save data with validation.

– AJAX form. This is good point to learn because you can make better performance with this.

– Upload file, of course you must be know how to upload file to your server.

– Using multiple models, you will use this when your tabel have relations.

– Customising looks.


Thats it the session from the book. If you intereset with book, you can look it here,  so you can try it in your application . Hope it will help your code…

Happy Coding..


2 Responses to [Review Book] Instant Building Multi-Page Forms with Yii How-to

  1. Salam kenal Om Sabit,
    Menurut Om, buku “Instant Building Multi-Page Forms with Yii How-to” ini bagus gak?
    Terutama untuk pemula seperti sy.
    Terima kasih

  2. buku ini cuma bahas 1 bab sih gan, kalo utk pemula kurang cocok sepertinya buku ini gan..

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