Make Custom Diagram / View With FusionChart

In my project i need to make a custom diagram and chart. I looking for library to solve it but cant find event close one. To solve it, i combine some image from that diagram but its hard to maintain it because this diagram have a dynamic color and the value will get from database.. For long time i hold this modul and do the other modul/project that i can finish.. And someday i have a nice information from my partner that find a good modul in fusion chart.  Honestly i never use fusion chart, thats why never know about this item. It call “Drag Node Chart” and it can make a custom diagram that fit with our requirement. Yeah, for example like this picture.. Capture

And it save my time to think about my problem… Just see this item here

Finish… Hope it help… Sorry for my bad english,..

Happy coding….

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